Andrew Edlin, a tattoo artist based in Spokane, Washington, is recognized for his proficiency in creating bright, bold, and clean custom tattoos. With a career that began in 2011, Edlin has made a significant impact in the Spokane tattoo scene, operating out of his private studio, Monroe Street Tattoo.

Andrew Edlin’s artistic journey started in his childhood in Paso Robles, California, where he began cultivating his drawing skills. Over the years, he has developed a distinctive style that sets him apart in tattooing. His work is characterized by a profound dedication to traditional Japanese tattooing, evident in his use of Buddhist imagery, Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, and the complex designs characteristic of Irezumi and Horimono large-scale body suite designs​​​​​​.

Specializing in various styles, including Japanese, black and grey, and American traditional tattooing, Andrew Edlin offers his clients a diverse range of artistic expressions. His expertise in traditional Japanese tattoos, notably, has garnered widespread acclaim. This specialization is a testament to his deep appreciation and understanding of the cultural and artistic significance​​​​of this tattoo style.

Comfortable Environment at Andrew Edlin’s Studio

At Monroe Street Tattoo, Edlin maintains an environment that prioritizes his clients’ comfort, ensuring a positive experience throughout the tattooing process. This client-focused approach and his artistic talent have led to high recommendations, especially for those interested in traditional Japanese tattoos. However, his versatility allows him to handle various tattoo designs, catering to different client preferences​​.

Edlin’s pricing is competitive for the quality of work he offers, with an hourly rate of $150 and a minimum rate of $100. This pricing structure reflects his expertise and the bespoke nature of his work. Clients seeking a unique piece of art inked on their skin will find his studio an ideal place for their tattoo journey​​.

In summary, Andrew Edlin’s Monroe Street Tattoo studio in Spokane, WA, stands out for its focus on traditional Japanese tattoo art, complemented by proficiency in other styles. His dedication to client comfort and his artistic skill make him a highly recommended choice for anyone looking to get a tattoo in Spokane.



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