The Missing Piece Tattoo, located in Spokane, WA, is a renowned tattoo studio founded in 2006. Its mission is to create outstanding art in the best interest of clients and the community in a clean, welcoming environment. It blends the aspects of a traditional street shop, a custom work commission gallery, and a family-friendly atmosphere. The studio is known for being an experimental space, encouraging creative ideas, and working closely with clients to design and execute custom tattoos. The studio boasts a team of talented artists, each with their unique styles and specialties:
    1. Zack Woods: With over two decades of experience, Zack pioneered the watercolor tattoo movement and is now focused on abstract, painterly styles, trash polka, and freehand application.
    1. Ben Hoteling: Professional since 2011, Ben’s expertise includes Traditional, Neo-Traditional, black and grey, pointillism, illustrative, and realism. He prefers organic subjects like skulls, animals, and botanical themes.
    1. Allen Duffy: An artist with a BA in Studio Art, Allen’s background in various art forms contributes to his craftsmanship in tattooing, which he began in 2016.
    1. Antonio: Specializing in script, black and grey illustrative, watercolor, and American traditional tattoos, Antonio began tattooing in 2020 and is exploring styles like trash polka and brushstroke-heavy designs.
    1. Susan Webber: Joining in 2020, Susan specializes in freehand botanicals and organic creations, focusing on blackwork and balancing negative space.
    1. Kas: Starting in 2021, Kas enjoys creating custom pieces in various styles, exploring dark, floral/organic themes, and playing with light sources and color.
The studio has garnered high praise, with a 4.8 rating from 435 reviews on Birdeye. Customers have commended the artists’ professionalism, friendliness, and talent, explicitly highlighting Zack and Susan for their exceptional work.

What Sets the Missing Piece Tattoo Apart?

The Missing Piece Tattoo distinguishes itself not just through the exceptional skills of its artists but also through its commitment to a unique customer experience. The studio’s environment is a fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics, offering a space where art and creativity thrive. This is evident in how the artists consult with their clients, taking the time to understand their anatomy, personal stories, and aesthetic preferences, ensuring that each tattoo is not just a piece of art but a reflection of the individual’s identity and journey. Given the diverse artistic backgrounds of its team, The Missing Piece offers a wide range of tattoo styles, catering to a varied clientele. From traditional and neo-traditional to more contemporary and experimental techniques like watercolor and trash polka, the studio seems equipped to handle many artistic requests. Their focus on custom work suggests a willingness to collaborate with clients on unique designs, making each tattoo a personalized and meaningful experience. The high praise from clients about their experiences, mentioning feelings of safety, care, and being listened to, further emphasizes the studio’s dedication to providing a service and an enriching and memorable experience. View other shops in our local directory.



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