Find the Best Spokane Tattoo Shops

Find the Best Spokane Tattoo Shops

Whether you’re new to the Spokane area or you’re just starting out with a “blank canvas,” you’re probably here on the hunt for the best Spokane Tattoo Shops in town. Now sure, you can walk into the first studio you come across, but finding the best artists is likely going to be a bit more challenging.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a couple of hacks we like to use when scoping out new spots. So, if you’re trying to track down the best place to get inked up next, read on!

Get Tattoo Shop Recommendations from Friends and Family

When finding your next favorite tattoo shop, the best place to start will be suggestions from friends and family. If you’ve got a sibling or buddy with some tattoos you like, learning where they got them will help get you some promising leads. This method also has its perks over Googling “Spokane tattoo shops near me” (though that can certainly yield some helpful results). For instance, with a close friend, you’ll get to see the tattoo up close and healed.

Most shops take pictures of their work when the tattoo is fresh, but any veteran of the tattoo world will tell you that tattoos are at their best once they’ve fully healed.

With that in mind, getting a closer look at a relative or friend’s tattoo (with their permission, of course) can be super helpful and will give you better peace of mind if you decide to go forward with that artist.

Tattoos can be pretty intimidating, especially if you’re a newcomer, so seeing photos from as many Spokane tattoo shops as possible (with fully healed work) should calm some of those nerves.

However, if you’re new to the area and haven’t made any close connections, the next logical step is to take this search online (which is probably why you’re here)!

Check Out Some Online Reviews for Local Tattoo Shops

Looking online can be an excellent way to find tattoo shops, but it has its pitfalls.

These setbacks can be avoided if you know what to look for, but if you’re just scrolling through Google, you will be sorting through hundreds of results.

However, there are some excellent resources out there that can help you pick out a shop based on what you’re looking for specifically.

Spokane.Tattoo is one of the better resources available. Our online directory makes it easy to search by price, artist, and style to help get you set up with the perfect tattoo studio in Spokane.

Best-of lists are also good guideposts when looking for a new shop or artist. There are some great ones out there with fantastic recommendations that can help focus your search.

We made a best-of list featuring our picks for the best Spokane tattoo artists. If you’re overwhelmed by all the options, this top 10 list is an excellent place to start.

Ensure You Scope Out Potential Spokane Tattoo Shops

At this point, you’ve probably got a couple of good leads on a potential spot to get inked up.

However, this is where your research will come down to what you can find.

If you’re getting a one-off, plenty of places offer walk-in tattoos for small, easy work.

This may prove satisfactory for some, but most people often find themselves bitten by the tattoo bug.

Because of this, it’s essential to get to know your potential tattoo artist, especially if you like what you’ve seen them do on past clients and feel confident getting a tattoo with them.

Now, you don’t have to take them out to coffee or anything, but setting up a consultation can be a great way to better understand their philosophy behind tattoos and how they approach the process.

It’ll also give you a better idea of what these Spokane Tattoo shops are all about. For some people, the grungy, neon-sign tattoo parlor isn’t their cup of tea, and for others, it is!

Therefore, it’s essential to take an actual step inside and see if you feel comfortable sitting in a chair there for at least 30 minutes.

For many people, tattoos aren’t the most pleasant physical experience. Definitely worth it, but they come with at least a little pain.

Finding a shop where you can relax a little bit and not be on edge while getting your tattoo is essential, so take that into consideration.

Once you’ve gotten to know the tattoo artist and their respective studio, you’re set! You can schedule your appointment and get some new ink.

Finding great Spokane tattoo shops can be a long process, but it’s made all the easier with Spokane.Tattoo. Check us out now and find your perfect tattoo studio! Our listings do include listings for Tattoo Shops in Spokane Valley

If you’re struggling to find an idea for your next tattoo, here’s an awesome article from Aliens Tattoo with some great recommendations. Read about tips for Spokane tattoo shops walk in appointments.

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