9 Helpful Tips for Walk-In Tattoos

9 Helpful Tips for Walk-In Tattoos

A walk-in tattoo means you head to a nearby Spokane tattoo shop without an appointment and get your tattoo the same day. This seems self-explanatory and easy to understand, yet many people seem to have many questions regarding walk-in tattoos.

Before you head down and get a walk in tattoo, we recommend you know what you want ahead of time. You should also consider how you want it done, and perhaps most importantly of all – whether you’re even ready for this experience.

If you’re considering getting a walk-in tattoo, you’re at the right place as we’ll discuss the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself if one is right for you. Here’s everything you need to know, including how you can get one.

What Are Walk-In Tattoos?

As we mentioned, walk-in tattoos are when you go into a tattoo studio without an appointment and get inked up. This process isn’t that easy, though. It’s a good idea to determine whether any tattoo artists are even available beforehand, and you should not expect some massively complicated design for any walk-in appointment.

Walk-in tattoos are generally smaller, simpler designs, and these are realistically the only type that an artist will be able to do for you on the same day.

I Don’t Need An Appointment for a Walk-In Tattoo?

No appointments are required for walk-in tattoos (hence the name, folks), but we highly recommend you call any tattoo studio before you walk in. This way, you can find out if an artist is available or if you will be waiting a lifetime.

Hurry up, though, because if someone comes before you, they will go first. Walk-in tattoos work on a first-comefirst-served basis, & you don’t need to be waiting around for something that was intended to be done quickly. Or else, what’s the point of a walk-in?

Aren’t Walk-In Tattoos Super Expensive?

A basic tattoo design usually costs between $100 and $300 (+tax and tip) at most studios. You should try to discuss the tattoo design before any inking is done, and the artist will give you a set quote that will not be hiked up after the session (regardless of how long it takes).

Which Tattoo Should I Get For a Walk-In Session?

When you walk into a tattoo studio, the artist will usually only do small to medium-size tattoos that are simple in design. This is because more extensive and complicated tattoos require multiple sessions to complete; these would also cost much more and take up more time. So, before going to a tattoo studio, have your design idea in mind and be ready to discuss it with the artist beforehand. That way, they can tell you if it’s something that can be done during a walk-in session or not.

What Should I Know Before I Go To the Tattoo Studio?

Get your tattoo at a high-quality, professional tattoo salon to reduce the chances of any negative side effects and have the best experience.

If you is have any questions throughout the design process, feel free to ask the artist. They will be more than happy help create a perfect tattoo for you and will ensure that you have a positive experience.

Talk to Your Walk-in Tattoo Artist Thoroughly

Always remember that you are in control of what happens to your body – so be assertive with what you want. If you communicate well with your tattoo artist and provide feedback, they will have a better understanding of the design that you’re looking for. As long as it is something YOU wanted in the first place, then chances are high that you’ll end up being happy with the outcome. The cost associated with tattoos depend on different factors like the design itself; make sure to talk about this beforehand with your chosen artist. Placement also plays a role in proper aftercare treatment for tattoos, so don’t forget to ask about this too!

How Many Shops Offer Walk-Ins? Are they Rare?

If you want to get tattooed today at most shops, ‘walk in tattoo’ doesn’t mean they can do it right away. Instead, walk-ins usually means there’s an open time slot later that day. So if you come in for a walk-in Tattoo, plan on coming back several hours later when your artist is free.

So that might look like the following: 

If a customer wants to get a tattoo that can be done in one sitting and the artist has time that day, they will schedule a walk-in appointment. The client will usually leave for awhile and come back when the artist is ready.

Some shops are walk-in only, which means they don’t take appointments. That can be a good thing because you’re always guaranteed to get in, but the downside is that you might have to wait awhile if the shop is busy.

Give Yourself Extra Time – As You May Need to Wait

A scenario where an artist can do a super-tiny piece on the spot without preparation only happens if the artist isn’t working with another client and there’s been a last-minute cancellation. Often, an apprentice may willing to do the tattooing in this instance.

Disclaimer for stupid people: Tattoo shops don’t always have time for walk-ins because there are many unknown variables when it comes to walk in tattoos. Before getting inked, be sure to ask your tattoo artist about the size, color scheme, style, and subject matter of the piece you’re hoping to get. This way, they can provide you with a more accurate quote and timeline.

Many people act interested in an artist’s work, but never actually purchase anything, and many others simply fail to show up to appointments. If the client is friendly and wants a small tattoo that doesn’t require any prep work, they can often get tattooed by the end of the business day.

Want Things to Go Well? Get an Appointment..

We understand that it can be difficult to understand how the tattoo process works, and you should be careful when you call a shop and ask about walk-ins.

When you call and take a lot of an artists’ time, it shows a lack of consideration. For that reason, shops would probably rather you come in and meet with them in person – so they can help you out.

If you don’t end up getting tattooed after showing up unannounced in for a walk-in appointment, then please don’t give that artist or their shop a 1-star review trying to ruin their business – that’s neither fair, nor productive. Walk-ins can be difficult for some shops to accommodate, so you should honestly feel lucky if they can help you in this capacity at all.

You can browse our extensive list of Spokane Tattoo Shops that you can sort based on the features you’re looking for!

Still not convinced about walk-in tattoos and want to hear from people who’ve been through this before? Check out this Reddit thread where they discuss etiquette for walk-in tattoos.

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